Help Build the Big Data Roadmap for Europe 2020!

** BYTE Final Conference will be held on 9th February in London – please see our Events page for details**

 BYTE transportThe BYTE project is funded by the European Commission to assist European science and industry in capturing the positive impacts and diminishing the negative impacts of big data collection and processing. BYTE moves beyond current practices to consider how big data will develop to the year 2020 using foresight tools to identify future practices, applications and positive and negative impacts. BYTE will culminate in the delivery of a research and policy roadmap to help Europe capture a greater share of the big data market by using big data responsibly. BYTE relies on stakeholder input and has already hosted a number of events for big data Stakeholders in Europe.

This year BYTE will launch the Big Data Community, a sustainable, cross-disciplinary platform that will implement the BYTE roadmap and assist Europe’s large population of big data stakeholders in identifying and meeting big data challenges.

Please browse our website for information on our extensive research and stakeholder activities so far, including:

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